The Untold Secrets to Creating and Preserving Wealth in the New Economy
Heru Nekhet
  • First Edition
  • Language(s): ENG
  • 144 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-60-746753-3
  • Heru Nekhet on August 23rd, 2011
  • Available Formats:
    • 5.5″x8.5″ paperback
    • PDF download
    • EPUB download

The recession is merely a transitional moment in change from the old Industrial Age to the new Innovation Age. Inside these pages, you will discover how you can protect yourself from financial disaster and position yourself to profit from the wealth of new opportunities being created by the global economic change.

You can continue dumping money into a 401(K), trying to gain appreciation and borrow against equity in your home, putting cash in the bank, etc. – all of the post Depression strategies for gaining personal wealth that your balance sheet will clearly show you no longer work; or you can accept that the world as we know it has changed forever, and therefore the methods we use to create wealth must change along with it.

Unlike some authors that do second hand research or interview others to get the material for their book, Heru Nekhet got his material from hard won, firsthand experience. Just like all Americans, Nekhet suffered massive losses when the economic storm now known as the Great Recession hit the world. He used the techniques he reveals in this book to climb out of the ashes and find new ways to prosper in the new economy.

Recession Driven Riches reveals, for the first time how You can begin to think like a global investor/entrepreneur, become familiar with the latest technological advances and position yourself to profit at lightning speed by identifying new opportunities and taking advantage of them quickly, inexpensively and with little risk.

Without a proper financial education , Heru Nekhet struggled trying to reach the American dream, however at age 34 he used knowledge gained through relationships with successful investors and entrepreneurs to develop a plan to eliminate his $45,000 debt, and quit his job. He went on to accumulate millions of dollars worth of real estate, and several successful businesses.

In 2004, Nekhet created Insiders Group Inc. which is devoted to sharing “insider” financial knowledge with those that would normally feel disenfranchised. He uses the skills he learned while earning his B.A. in TV and Radio Production from Brooklyn College and a M.S. in Education from Long Island University, his 15 years of teaching with the NYC Department of Education, and his experience as an entrepreneur and investor to create fun, exciting, interactive training programs, seminars and consulting for people that want to learn quickly and easily how to be financially free.

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