Here are this season’s FREE upcoming financial freedom workshops on Wed., 9/7 at 7pm; Sat., 9/10 at 11am or Wed. 9/14 at 7pm. Location: Insiders Headquarters, 216 Greene St, Brooklyn, NY.

RSVP IS REQUIRED by calling 718-622-2271 or emailing me,  Heru Ur at

I have been in the trenches for years helping others battle against both internal and external challenges to their financial success, and I vow to keep doing it as long as I can get people to listen. So many people have been duped into phony opportunities and pyramid schemes that people just aren’t willing to take a chance to show up and hear some real life changing information that will reveal how to create real wealth in the new economy.

I hold nothing back when it comes to delivering cutting edge, up to date information about how to profit in any economy. And I also know how important and valuable this information can be for your friends, colleagues and family as well.

I am personally inviting you because I know you and the people that you know are serious about changing their financial future.

SUCCESS!!!! Heru Ur Nekhet is known to Take Ordinary People From Rags to Riches

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